Caribbean Stud: The Variant Of Poker That You Did Not Know And Should Try

In this game you do not have to face other bettors, but only the house, which increases your chances of winning

There is no doubt that Texas Hold’em is the most popular variety of poker in casinos and also one of the most exciting. But those are not enough reasons for you to settle for just one way to enjoy this game, and that is why here and now, we are telling you about Caribbean Stud , another variant of poker that you will learn to love.

The origin of the Caribbean Stud is not very clear. According to some sources, it was invented by the owners of a casino in Aruba, a small island in the Dutch Caribbean, and from there it began to become popular on cruise ships and then the rest of the world. However, other versions claim that this variant was born in Las Vegas .

Anyway it has been the emergence of this game, now it is a must in some casinos and we would not be surprised if soon becomes a favorite of Mexicans, both casinos real and online casinos . To take you a step forward, we explain below how to play.

Unlike conventional poker and Texas Hold’em , in Caribbean Stud you do not have to face any other bettor , but you play directly against the house. The main objective of the game is obviously to build a better hand than the dealer with your five cards.

The first thing you should do is place a bet on the table where it says “ante”. The dealer will then give you five cards face down and he will deal five cards to himself, also hidden. Once the cards are dealt, the dealer will show only one of his cards and you can take yours to see them without showing them to anyone and decide if you want to continue playing or if you want to fold. If you choose to exit, you lose your ante bet .

If you decide to continue playing, you will have to place another bet called “call” that must be twice the amount placed in your “ante” bet (that is, if you had bet 100 pesos, now you will have to give another 200). Once this is done, you and the dealer must show all the cards. In this part of the game you have an advantage, as the dealer can only continue if there is an Ace and a King in his hand, or any pair or combination that is equivalent or greater.

If this does not happen, the house loses automatically, you win the ante bets and what you had placed in the call is returned. But if the dealer does meet the requirements, it is said that “there is action.” It is at this point that the players’ hands must be compared with those of the dealer , from right to left.

All hands higher than the dealer’s win! But in different proportions. All winners are awarded double their ante bet and their call bet is multiplied depending on the hand they have made. It is worth mentioning that if your hand is a pair, only the money you initially bet on the call will be returned to you (plus double your ante bet).

Wow! Yes, it is a new and different way to play poker , and we are sure that if you show it to your friends they will have hours of fun. While practicing to understand very well this game, the adrenaline gets your body needs at the Casino and Live Casino . Remember that it is always best to practice in the comfort of your home.