3 Rules In Roulette That You Should Know Before Playing

If you put the batteries, you will have the possibility of having half of your bet returned when you lose or even receive a second chance

The roulette is one of the most sophisticated games casinos and is just why when you play, you have to show off. To achieve this, here are some rules about this game that you may not have known, essential when you make outside bets on roulette , such as the color black or red, number for or odd, the first, second or third dozen, or the column.

Le Partage

With this rule, which only applies to French roulette , the player receives half his outside bet when the ball lands on zero. For example, if you bet 100 pesos on red, but the ball lands on green, you will have 50 pesos returned and the other 50 will be delivered to the house automatically. It should be mentioned that this depends on the casino you are playing in, so it might be worth asking if this rule applies before you start playing.

In Prison

If a player makes an outside bet , and the ball lands on zero, his bet will be “jailed” and he will have a second chance. This means that the chips will stay in the same place for the next turn and, if you win, you can take the full initial bet , but if you lose, everything will go to the house. It is worth mentioning that in some casinos, if the bettor fails, in addition to losing his money, he will have to leave the table or, at least, exit the game.


It is literally the same as Le Partage , but for American roulette . So if a player makes an outside bet , and if the ball lands on any of the zeros, they will automatically receive half of their bet. The only thing that changes is the name and, obviously, the odds of having some of your capital returned.

Now, take advantage of this knowledge to play roulette . Remember that if you ‘d rather go to conquer the game, but from the comfort of your home, can do in the Live Casino to have the full experience.

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